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jeudi, 11 août 2022



Iran : Haft Tappeh, workers’ representatives’ assembly is superior to a trade union and the Islamic Council

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The following is a post published on the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company workers’ independent Telegram channel.

The seventh day of the Haft Tappeh workers’ strike, Monday – October 4, 2021 there was a] gathering in front of the Governorate of Shush and then a march in Shush market.
[The main demands of the striking workers are :
– Immediate resolution of the company’s management and clarifying the manner and price of the transfer of the company [to the state sector]
– Immediate payment of unpaid wages
– Speeding up of agricultural cultivation and factory repairs
– Reinstatement of sacked workers
– Renewal of seasonal contracts
– Announcement and carrying out of the sentence issued against Asadbeigi-Rostami in the embezzlement case*
– Close the legal case against Ms. Farzaneh Zilabi [the Haft Tappeh workers’ lawyer]]

A film [clip] of Ebrahim Abbasi’s speech on the workers’ representatives’ assembly and the independent council of five thousand [workers] in Haft Tappeh, [discussed] the Islamic Labour Council, the trade union and the experiences of various kinds of organisations in Haft Tappeh.

The following is an excerpt from the speech of independent labour activist Ebrahim Abbasi Monjazi :
In Haft Tappeh, we have a council, made up of five thousand people, and we make decisions based on [our] collective wisdom. Our organisation is a representatives’ assembly, which, even if it has had shortcomings, has been a success. We plastered the door of the Islamic Council with mud because it is treacherous. The trade union has been there before, but we have elected the representatives’ assembly and it has performed better. Our lasting organisation is the representatives’ assembly and our independent council. Certain people speak ill of us online, they have specific objectives against us, which are purposeful and malignant, out of jealousy and not for criticism.”


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