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Iran : Teachers in preparation for several days of widespread and nationwide protests in February

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The Coordinating Council of cultural Unions has called for two stages of the protests. According to this call, in the first stage, teachers will stop working on the 29th and 30th January, and if they do not get response to their demands, they will have a nationwide gathering on the 31th January . The protests will continue in the second phase of the sit-in in schools from February 12th to 17th and the nationwide rally on February 17 across the country. The statement also insists that if the government still does not pay attention, the Coordination Council will announce much broader actions for the next month.

The topics of teachers’ protest in this call are : protesting against the non-implementation of the pension equalization bill, withholding the ranking bill by the Guardian Council to the parliament with the aim of not implementing it, forgetting Article 64 of the Civil Service Management Law, lack of free education for school children, non-payment of end-of-service bonus 1400 , Failure to hire so called “service purchased” teachers who have worked several years without official employment, double oppression against service personnel, looting of teachers reserve fund, imprisonment and dismissal of active and unionized teachers.

The Coordinating Council, together with the families and parents of the students, calles on families and teachers to support and express their solidarity participate in these protests.

Teachers’ protests are against poverty, austerity budgets, and discrimination and inequality. The demands of teachers are the demands of all people. It is important mentioning that the Islamic Republic has intensified security pressures on the protesting teachers in the face of the spread of teachers’ protests. For example, Mohammad Taghi Fallahi, Maryam Kabiri and Hassan Ramezanpour, were arrested this week. All the jailed teachers must be released.

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January 23,2022