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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Iran : Truck drivers strike in several provinces

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On April 4, the drivers of trucks and heavy vehicles of the country’s road and freight transport fleet, based on a previously announced call in several provinces, stopped working and pursued their demands. According to reports, the protests began on April 3, and truck drivers went on strike in cities such as Kermanshah, Tehran, Kerman, Pol-e Dokhtar, and in Azerbaijan province. On the April 5 the protests continued and truck drivers in Hamedan also joined the strike.

Low levels of wages and incomes, skyrocketing commodity prices and declining purchasing power, lack of amenities on the roads, skyrocketing truck maintenance costs, high rent-seeking and theft by brokers, deprivation of efficient health insurance and unsafe roads are among the topics of protests by drivers. These drivers are demanding an increase in their wages in line with the real growth of inflation and rising prices, free health insurance, pensions and direct sound contracts without contractors and middle men.

Truck drivers went on a strong strike in more than a hundred cities May 2018 and their strike was widely reflected and was supported by people in whole the society. The experiences of the 2018 strike, the experiences of the teachers’ nationwide strike over the past year, and the experience of the Oil Contract Workers’ Organizing Council as a means of uniting the protest line, are good examples and strongholds for strengthening and expanding the nationwide drivers’ strike.

5th April 2022

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