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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



| Italy | International solidarity with the General Strike call on March 18

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Italian organizations that are part of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Fight Network are calling for a general strike for March 18.

The reasons are numerous : incessant attacks on workers’ rights, laws that restrict trade union rights, wage freeze, for the free circulation of people and equal rights to immigrants, Against the war and any military intervention of Italy, in Libya or anywhere else.

The strike is also called :

- Againt the counter-reform of education, which takes resources away from public schools to give them to private ones, and offers bosses students’ free labour ;
- for the right to a home against evictions, for the assignment of vacant council and private houses to the homeless ;
- against the profit rationale which produces pollution and environmental devastation.

The trade union unity between organizations that promote and practice independent trade union struggles, anti-capitalist, democratic, feminist, ecologist, is a necessity.

We support the general strike of 18 March, as all the struggles that help fight the austerity measures imposed on the people.