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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Egypt : Campaign for Ramy Shaath

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June 7 was Ramy’s last renewal hearing before he’ll have spent two years in prison, the legal maximum allowed in Egypt for pretrial detention : as has happened almost two dozen times before, the judge continued his detention. Ramy has now spent over 700 days in prison - 700 stolen days that he cannot get back.

Today, in response to this injustice, we at the Campaign to #FreeRamyShaath, along with key partners in civil society and the human rights community, are calling for a Week of Solidarity, beginning June 17th and culminating in a massive Day of Action on June 23rd. The events and activities will emphasize solidarity with Ramy and Egyptian political prisoners.

Our week of solidarity will feature a lineup of events (both in person and virtual) to raise awareness about Ramy’s case and the situation for the tens of thousands of political prisoners in Egypt, and promote our petition, hosted by Amnesty International, to have 100,000 voices for Ramy’s freedom. The week will end with the petition’s delivery and release in global capitals, including Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France on June 23rd, the day of Ramy’s 50th birthday.

We invite you to join us, wherever you are ! To participate in the Week of Solidarity and Day of Action, sign up on this page, and we will keep you informed of upcoming virtual and in-person events as they are added. You can follow us on social media @FreeRamyShaath.

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