Réseau Syndical International de Solidarité et de Luttes

mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Justice for the Kurds" campaign

For several weeks now, the "Justice for the Kurds" campaign has been underway to have the PKK removed from the Council of Europe’s list of terrorist organisations. The campaign runs until October 2022. The objective is to collect 4 million signatures throughout Europe. For this, the Kurdish movement is also counting on European social movements and left-wing organisations to collect signatures within their organisations, in demonstrations, events, etc.

This withdrawal is an important issue, as underlined in the appeal :

"As part of the global war on terror, states have used the label "terrorist" as a political weapon to delegitimise opposition and suppress efforts for human rights and freedom. For example, the listing of the PKK has been used by Turkey to justify attacks on Kurds around the world - from discriminatory practices to military offensives. It has been used to restrict freedom of expression and suppress civil liberties ; it has led to the banning of opposition political parties, newspapers, television stations, etc. Political leaders, representatives, parliamentarians, elected mayors, critical journalists have been accused of association with terrorism and imprisoned. This terrorist label has silenced endemic inequalities and prevented social problems from being addressed ; it has been used as a reason for war. The European Union is thus used to endorse attacks by authoritarian regimes."

For more information on the campaign : Web : www.justiceforkurds.info / E-Mail : info@justiceforkurds.info / Twitter : @Justice4_Kurds