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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



KVPU activities and humanitarian aid during the war

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The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine helps IDPs, refugees, citizens in battle zones, medical workers and hospitals and the Army of Ukraine. We’re grateful for humanitarian aid and donations.

4/04/22. KVPU Chair Volynets delivered humanitarian aid to Pokrovskyi district in Donetsk oblast & met with TU members at Kapitalna mine.
On this day the Russian forces shelled Georgiyivka in Pokrovskyi district
The Aid from @ituc and @DGBVoSue delivered to locals. Thank you ! pic.twitter.com/50vQ53RGO3

КВПУ (@CFTUU) April 6, 2022
The Independent Trade Union of Miners of #Ukraine of the Western Donbas continues to help refugees&defeders. It purchased
food&medicines for shelters,
gasoline and diesel,
purchased armored vests&welding machines for defenders
The union needs help&aid #StandWithUkraine pic.twitter.com/2m2FedaRBf

КВПУ (@CFTUU) April 1, 2022
Members of the Free Trade Union of Railway workers in Kryvyi Rih locomotive depot volunteer &work on the arrangement of fortifications in the city and make space heaters
Moreover, the trade union helps to produce protective armor for soldiers who are TU members#PeaceForUkraine pic.twitter.com/e6Nff2jXFE

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 30, 2022
The women of the Primary Trade Union of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of #Ukraine (VPZU) transport workers of Khmelnytsky region used fees to help servicemen &servicewomen and bought necessary things&added motivating pictures made by their children#StopWarInUkraine pic.twitter.com/oldsz0u0WX

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 30, 2022
KVPU Chair Mykhailo Volynets with colleagues brought humanitarian aid to Kharkiv : food&medicine& operating tables&oxygen concentrators
KVPU is grateful for the aid to @SolidarityCntr& @ilo. Together we helped patients, doctors&citezens of destroyed Kharkiv #StopWarInUkraine pic.twitter.com/HGNrlWiWEq

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 28, 2022
#StarLink was also transferred to Kharkiv pic.twitter.com/UwMOyHnAAL

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 28, 2022
#StarLink was also transferred to Kharkiv pic.twitter.com/UwMOyHnAAL

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 28, 2022
Your aid is saving lives&help the people of #Ukraine !
Our local organization, the Independent Trade Union of Miners helps IDPs in shelters in Lviv region
Union is grateful to everyone for humanitarian aid&donations ! #StopRussianAgression pic.twitter.com/kKBzBca9J8

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 25, 2022
The Regional Org of Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine in Western Donbas helps refugees & 5 shelters in Pavlograd, provide food&clothes&medicine.
The union also raised UAH 100,000 hryvnias for the Army and helped local territorial defense forces with necessary goods <>pic.twitter.com/YzHxiEqAje

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 21, 2022
Oleh Panasenko, Chair of Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of #Ukraine :
Our organization at the Novovolynsk Central City Hospital sends aid to people in regions who suffered from Russian aggression.
Doctor OlgaMostova&nurse Halyna Karpiuk packed medicine to send#StopRussia pic.twitter.com/AsGCOQ6B9D

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 12, 2022
The Free Trade Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine expresses gratitude to all for humanitarian aid !
Trade union helps with the evacuation of women&children, people with disabilities, to deliver food &goods to people in battle zones in #Ukraine️#peaceforukraine @Streetnet1 pic.twitter.com/9fSHvzFSGl

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 10, 2022
KVPU trade union at Leoni LLC raised UAH 200000 of aid for the Ukrainian Army. Armor&necessery goods purchased by the Foundation Come Back Alive save the lives of soldiers, including members of trade unions &help to defend #Ukraine️ & #StopRussianAggression@SolidarityCntr pic.twitter.com/9oqAorkiKg

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 10, 2022
The local organization of #KVPU in Odesa region deliver humaitarian aid and give it for refugees and citizens. The TU leader Serhii Stynka said that trade unionists work 24/7 to deliver aid. We’re grateful for all for aid&support.@SolidarityCntr @ituc pic.twitter.com/sVvktPZbwB

КВПУ (@CFTUU) March 9, 2022
Video from the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine. Workers make heaters for soldiers and civilians in Kryvyi Rig.
We do everything we can to help people and the army during the war pic.twitter.com/YQ54RTOfRO

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