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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



Labor Beat : Resolution 53 about the war in Iraq

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This 27-minute Labor Beat documentary tells the story of an important moment in American labor history. At its 2005 Convention, the AFL-CIO for the first time passed a resolution against an ongoing war—the war in Iraq. The video shows the preparations for this breakthrough, how U.S. Labor Against the War worked at the Convention to strengthen the Resolution Committee’s initially weak resolution. It shows how USLAW used the momentum of its 2005 Iraq Labor Tour and the 18 anti-war resolutions passed by labor bodies around the country ; how Resolution 53 was amended ; how the discussion was moved up to a prominent point of the Convention agenda through Jesse Jackson’s call to "bring the troops home" ; how Resolution 53 was debated on the Convention floor ; and the celebratory Iraq Forum, with labor representatives from Iraq and Kurdistan, immediately after the resolution passed.