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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Liverpool University : solidarity !

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The unions members of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle renew their call for boycotting (grey listing) Liverpool University until the university management reverses the 47 so-called "compulsory redundancies".

  • We express our admiration, support and solidarity with our union colleagues at UCU, and with all those involved in the second 10-day strike, in all the picket lines, and in all the meetings organised to achieve this goal.
  • We will not accept 47 unfair dismissals. Not even 31, 20, 7 or 2. We will not accept any redundancy !
  • We admire their determination and solidarity, and we are happy to stand by them, so that they feel they are not alone. We will do the same in all similar situations around the world, refusing to let profitability invade our universities.

The struggle continues, and we continue to call on all academics to have no connection with the University of Liverpool, and on unions to publicise the boycott.
We also urge you to send donations to the Liverpool Strike Fund at :