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mardi, 18 janvier 2022



MOROCCO | Support to the Hirak prisoners in the Rif

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Late this friday night, April 5, 2019, the appeal verdict in the trial of the Hirak activists in the Rif was released : the confirmation of revolting sentences, that include up to 20 years of jail.

While those activists pacifically raised, during months, the most elementary social, economical, cultural and political protestations (right to dignity, right to healthcare, the effective recognition of the amazigh language, the opening up of the Rif region…), the response of the Moroccan Makhzen was, once again, a blind repression and a stronger militarization in the Rif region. This trial shows once again the lack of a rule of law and of a democratic social equity.

The response to that judgment didn’t take long : the crowd of activists, and the families of inculpated gathered in front of the court and shouted “Long live the people”, “Long live the Rif”, “Corrupted State”… This fight is the extension of struggles all over the country since the February 20, 2011 movement. It also resonates with the several pacific struggles all over the Maghreb region, especially the Tunisians, for a Maghreb of plural peoples, dignity, democracy and solidarity.

We sign on :

  • A call to all the democrats, women and men, that care about justice, to express their indignation at this deny of justice,
  • Expressing our solidarity towards the fight of prisoners of Hirak, towards their families, for dignity, social justice and democracy,
  • The support of all pacific initiatives for the immediate released of the prisoners of the Rif Hirak, and prisoners of the other social movements and political prisoners in Morocco.