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samedi, 13 août 2022



March, 8th, International day of struggle for women’s rights

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International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggle, which brings together more than 70 trade union organizations and organizations from various countries, announced support on May 8, reinforcing the importance of women in the "global fight for an egalitarian society." Read the note below :

March, 8th, International day of struggle for women’s rights
On March 8th, almost everywhere throughout the world, actions will take place in defense of women’s rights, to demand gender equality, the right for each woman to have control over their own body, to denounce all discrimination and violence towards women. March 8th, 2017, will offer the opportunity for numerous advocacy meetings, protests in numerous countries, and for strikes led by women. The International trade union network of struggle and solidarity support these actions which come through the long history of the women’s movement and the labour movement symbolized by the role of the unions in theses. Struggles which fit both in the specific women’s movement and in the global struggle for an egalitarian society thus breaking with the capitalist and patriarchal system.

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