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mercredi, 25 mai 2022



Mobilisation of trade unionists Ukrainian metalworkers and railway workers for refugees

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Metalworkers’ Union takes care of migrants

The Metalists trade union organisation of the PJSC Dnieper Metallurgical Enterprise in Kamyansky, Dnipropetrovsk region, which is a member of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), together with all the Ukrainian people, is doing everything possible to defeat the Russian occupiers who have treacherously attacked our country

In addition to helping and supporting the company’s employees who have gone to defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands, the union has been caring for displaced persons since the early days of the war. The union committee initiated a collection of spring and summer clothes for children and teenagers aged 3-18, personal hygiene items and detergents, as well as long-term foodstuffs - pasta, cereals, canned food, sugar, tea and more. The workers of the plant actively responded to the union’s appeal, thanks to which it was possible to provide all compatriots, especially families with children and the elderly, who were forced to leave their homes due to the hostilities and seek refuge in the Dnipropetrovsk region. "We are sincerely grateful to all the caring employees of the company, who in this difficult time, have responded to the call of the Metalists union to help people who have come to us from the occupied and dangerous areas," said union president Mykola Kolyuchy. "We all understand how difficult it is for them today and together we are trying to create a friendly atmosphere and the most comfortable conditions for the migrants, to warm them with our attention and to help everyone we can."

The union has put together special packages of goods and is distributing them to those in need. And in order to continue to help and do so for the benefit of as many displaced people as possible, the trade unionists continue to receive food, hygiene products, etc. daily (except Saturday and Sunday) on the third floor of the company’s technical building. The Metalist PPO union rightly believes that together we will overcome all the difficulties and hardships and will certainly win !

The Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) is helping the victims

Immediately after the treacherous attack on our country by the Russian aggressors, the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) began to actively help not only its trade unionists and their families, but also the citizens affected by the war and forced to leave their homes and regions. Volodymyr Kozelskyi, head of the VPZU, discusses these activities. VPZU activists helped the families of affected union members to evacuate Kiev and Kharkiv to the western regions of Ukraine. At the expense of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine, they provided food, personal hygiene items, clothing and all other necessities to the drivers who served on the evacuation trains almost continuously. Members of the Kharkiv VPZU received humanitarian aid, which included food, including bread, pasta, cereals, canned food, etc. "Shortly afterwards, we delivered food to our unions, which had been sent by the Hungarian and Romanian railway unions, for which we are sincerely grateful," says Volodymyr Kozelsky. In addition, a permanent volunteer section of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine has been set up at the central railway station in Kozyatyn. It has been given a room near the station. And those who volunteer have received special certificates from the VPZU. They distribute humanitarian aid not only to railway workers, but also to the citizens of Kozyatyn, in the Vinnytsia region. The food, hygiene products, clothes and other items collected are provided by the VPZU volunteers to victims of the ongoing hostilities and temporarily displaced persons, as well as to those in need due to difficult life circumstances. "The other day, a package of goods was brought to former trade union leader Serhiy Eduardovych Orlovsky, who is currently retired due to disability. Tetyana Anatoliyivna Tsymbalovych, whose late husband was a machinist and now has to deal with all the problems she had after the accident with her daughter Diana, who was seriously injured, also gratefully accepted the humanitarian aid from the VPZU volunteer section." VPZU volunteers do not turn away those who have been forced to leave their places of origin and homes because of the war. The other day, one of them, Maryna Mykolayivna Kruhovykh, visited the VPZU volunteer section and received a package of everything needed to settle in a new place. At the same time, the volunteer section of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine gratefully accepts help from concerned citizens and organisations to help those in need. By helping each other, we bring our common victory closer.

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4 May 2022