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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Motion of Solidarity with Nathan Leung Lai Pong and all strugglers in Hong Kong, fighting against the CCP dictatorship since June !

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Solidarity with the Hong Kong workers ! Down with the dictatorship ! For
the Chinese working class’ democratic rights !

The working class in Hong Kong has shown, over the last months, a great
courage and disposal to struggle, when millions rebelled in the streets for
democratic rights (including their right to dignified housing,) against the
Extradition Law, and against economic injustice.

The Chinese dictatorship represents the world’s second economy savage
capitalism, which attacks the working class harshly – its rights and mainly its
organization, persecuting and detaining union leaders of the mass movement.

Persecutions do not guarantee the minimum defense and human rights. We have
seen the police violence increase during the protests, hurting demonstrators in
the streets with fire weapons twice, already. We also saw organized fascist male
groups violently attacking workers that were protesting with iron bars. We have
seen the dismissal of Rebecca Sy Onna, union leaders of the airline company
Cathay Dragon, as well as several others airport workers, precisely during the
victorious tactic of occupation of the airport, which stopped air transportation in
Hong Kong causing major prejudice to great capitalists and keeping the mass
mobilization radicalized.

More recently, we also saw Nathan Leung Lai Pong, bank seller of the financial
giant HSBC, being fired for participating actively in the demonstrations against
the Extradition Law since June, as well as in the General Strike of August 8, and
for fighting to organize a union for his sector.

China and the Communist Party, who rules under a dictatorship, have nothing of
Socialism neither in favor of the working class. For decades, they sank in market
economy, guaranteeing misappropriation of the Chinese people’s wealth by a few
mega-capitalists, which are the base of the regime. To ensure the Chinese
transnational capital’s profits, they harshly attack the working class and unionist
organization across China, impeding free expression, democratic freedoms,
elections and labor rights. The organized working class has no side in this inter-
imperialist dispute between the U.S and China (as some left-wing organizations
defend), but it has the duty of being side to side with the working class of the
world, in struggle against capitalist oppression.

-* Full support to the Hong Kong people’s struggle !

  • Immediate rehiring of Nathan Leung Lai Pong and other workers fired for
  • participating in the demonstrations and strikes in Hong Kong since June !
  • Immediate freedom of all political prisoners and discontinuation of all
  • strugglers’ criminalization processes !
  • Immediate response to the demands of the people struggling in Hong Kong
  • streets !