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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Motion of solidarity with Embraer workers

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On September 24 and 25, the shock troops of the São Paulo’s State Military Police
featured scenes of violence against Embraer workers, aiming to help the
Embraer/Boeing Company to end the strike.

Called by Embraer, the State used methods only seen in dictatorial times to
demobilize metal workers. On the second day of strike, police officers in masks
made a “Polish Corridor” to avoid workers from passing. The unrest of those
passing was evident.

They also used police violence against unionist organizing the movement. As
some recorded images show, the leader of the Union, Alex da Silva Gomes, was
attacked by the Military Police when he was already laying in the floor.

Before police brutality, workers suspended the strike, although they will
continue the mobilization. Even though the company is not yet sold, Embraer
already implements an anti-union, repressive policy adopted by Boeing. A stand
that shows what comes ahead.

The Embraer metal workers’ struggle is for real wage increase and in defense of
their rights. Therefore, it is a legitimate struggle, and deserves full solidarity by
class bodies and the organized civilian society. The wage campaign of the sector
only concerns the Union, workers and the company. The Police has nothing to do
with it.

In this regard, we also need to denounce the intransigence of the Embraer Board
in negotiations. For four years, the company did not ensure a real wage increase.

The company insists in cutting historic rights of workers, achieved in struggle.
Before this situation, we need to repudiate the Embraer stand, using police
violence to attack a legitimate strike movement. We also repudiate the anti-
union practice of the company, which seeks to deepen the exploitation of
workers with dismissals and cut of rights, serving the interests of the U.S
company Boeing.

- NO to the selling of Embraer to Boeing !
- Repudiation to the Police repression !
- NO to the Embraer anti-union policy ! In defense of the right to strike and free
workers’ organization !