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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Motion of solidarity with the struggles and against the government’s package in Ecuador

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Before the Ecuadorian serious economic crisis, the policies of the Alianza Pais
governments caused the reduction of workers’ purchasing power, and the rise of
unemployment rate to 5.8%.

– The Lenin Moreno government’s response to the crisis was to request a loan
to the IMF, increasing the country’s dependence on imperialism and foreign

– The package of neoliberal measures presented on last Tuesday (October 1 st ),
including increase of fuel prices, reduction of wages for State employees and
the reduction of the vacation period are demanded by imperialism. This will
accentuate the social and economic crisis for workers and popular sectors in

– The measures announced favor great trade businessmen, who will receive
near to 350 million from tax exemption, while public workers will reduce
their general income in 320 million gathering the discount of a day of work
per month, and fifteen days of vacations.

– In the morning of October 3, the country aroused with massive
demonstrations against the set of measures, paralyzing the main cities, roads,
productive industries and transportation. The demonstration continued on
the 4 th .

– The government responded with a strong repression, arresting over 350
people, including national leaders of the movement ; it signed a decree of
“state of exception”, suspending the right to free association and meetings,
and sent the army to the streets.

– The transportation workers’ leadership, the National Federation of
Passengers’ Public Transportation in Ecuador (FENACOTIP) decreed the end
of the strike for the sector without achieving any commitment by the

– Indigenous and workers’ organizations, like the CONAIE (Indigenous
Nationalities’ Confederation of the Ecuador), the FUT (Workers’ Unitary
Front) and the CUTCOP (Unitary Coordinator of Workers, Peasants and
Popular Organizations) called to continue the mobilization, calling for a
General Strike on October 9 against the package.

The CSP-Conlutas Congress resolves :
- Immediate freedom of all political prisoners.
- Repudiation to the State of Exception and restoration of democratic rights.
- Repudiation to the National Police and Army repression.
- Solidarity with workers, students, indigenous peoples and popular sectors in
struggle against the neoliberal attacks by the government of Lenin Moreno
and the bourgeois sectors supported by imperialism.