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vendredi, 27 mai 2022



Namibia : Solidarity with Rossing Mineworkers Union leaders and their lawyer

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The leaders of the Mineworkers Union Of Namiba Rossing Branch 9 were illegally dismissed in September 2020 by their employer, the state-owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation CNNC, which owns a majority stake in the Rossing uranium mine.

The company has delayed arbitrations and is trying to starve the miners and their families into giving up the fight for their rights. The SWAPO-led Namibian government is also allowing gross violations of labour laws and union agreements by the Chinese government and private Chinese mines in Namibia. For example, Chinese workers at the Best Cheer marble mine were replaced by Chinese nationals when they went on strike in April 2021 for better health and safety conditions and housing benefits.

Last month, MUN Rossing Branch union leadership lawyer Hewat Beukes was attacked, his house surrounded and his electricity and water cut off. Beukes also represents other workers and unions throughout Nambia, including the Nambian United Fisherman.

The escalating attacks on the miners and their lawyer must be protested internationally. The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle support the rallies to be held on 13 August in front of Namibian embassies, the petitions, all initiatives in solidarity with the struggling Namibian miners !

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