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samedi, 28 mai 2022



No to the relocation of H&M’s only frech warehouse - Solidaires-CUB-CGT

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The member organisations of our Network support the international unitary trade union response to the H&M management attack

he announced closure of the H&M warehouse in Le Bourget, near Paris, last month, is
a real scandal :

- Firstly, it will definitively cut 200 jobs, including 153 permanent contracts, in a
departement, Seine Saint Denis, which is already suffering from social problems,
- It is also economically unjustified, as the wealthy Swedish clothing company benefited from public money from the opening of the site in 1998 until the COVID crisis,
- Finally, it is an economic aberration, as deliveries to the French market, the largest in
Europe, must then be handled by the company’s Belgium and Italian warehouses.
The employees’ response was to strike : on 16 June and again on 5 July walkouts were organised at the call of all the unions, which have already forced management to
postpone the closure until the end of the year.

There is a long tradition of struggles in this warehouse, which also explains why it was
first detached from the French shops, and then saw its collective agreement modified to introduce more flexibility, its workforce reduced, and anti-union repression intensified.

There is now a race against this cynical calculation : in the face of the rapacity of
capital, the workers of H&M GBC can count on their unity and determination, but also
on our international solidarity !