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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Opel - General Motors in Bochum

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In 972 a few workers and revolutionaries at Opel in Bochum founded the "Gruppe oppositioneller Gewerkschafter"(GoG). The GoG existed for over 40 years and with its radical company work fired the spirit of resistance in the Bochum workforce.

As works councils, they passed on secret information to the workforce, they organized eight-hour works meetings, fought against sick leave, organized their own educational leave and even tried to establish direct international solidarity between the various General Motors workforces in Europe on their own initiative in order to defend themselves against the site blackmail since the 1990s.

Their radical activities finally culminated in one of the most important wildcat strikes in post-war German history, when in October 2004 the workforce occupied the plant for six days and paralyzed production throughout Europe.

A portrait of colleagues who made themselves heard.

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