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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Our Health, Our Rights and NOT the profits of the rich

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for a single, public, free and universal health system

April 28 marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year, it is in the midst of an accelerated global crisis aggravated by the Coronavirus pandemic that punishes workers and popular sectors of the world and highlights the results of austerity and adjustment policies, reactionary structural reforms that suppress conquests, the growing social inequality and the dismantling of health and other public services. Governments, regardless of nuances and peculiarities, have prioritized capitalist profits over peoples’ health.

While the integrity of health workers who are at the forefront of fighting the pandemic is a priority, we still emphasize the need to defend the rights of the entire working class and the exploited sectors.

Governments and employers talk about "prevention of accidents and illnesses in the workplace", but neglect the protection equipment, do not listen to complaints from the Internal Commissions for the Prevention of Accidents at Work that denounce occupational risk. Capitalists and their governments do big business with workers’ lives and working conditions, through private risk insurers and self insurers.
Governments and employers say they promote safe, healthy and decent work and do nothing more than institutionalize job insecurity and cut labor and social rights. Hypocritically and together with the union bureaucracy they lament the growing number of victims of accidents and occupational diseases. But this whole attack on the standard of living is nothing more than the most grotesque expression of capitalist decay.

The pandemic, combined with measures of recession and economic adjustment, will have dramatic consequences for health workers and for sectors considered essential or that continue to function during the pandemic, as they increase exposure to risk, exhaustion at work and post stress -traumatic. On the other hand, it will also increase the list of demands and emergency measures for the struggles to come. Struggles that have already started to appear and will intensify, in defense of public health, against famine, the right to food, for safe employment and basic social rights. That is why we propose to present a set of basic emergency measures that guarantee that life is above profit, therefore of a socialist nature.

The crisis in health systems and working conditions [...]