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lundi, 29 novembre 2021



POLAND | Support the teachers´ strike in Poland

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The general strike in the education sector in Poland began on Monday, April 8. According to organizers from the two unions that initiated the strike (Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego (ZNP) – Polish Teachers’ Union and Forum Związków Zawodowych (FZZ) – Trade Union Forum), on the first day of the strike 14,000 schools and kindergartens out of 20,400 such institutions joined the walkout (68%).

The immediate reason for the strike is that the wage bargaining between ZNP, FZZ and the government that had been going on since March of this year ended without reaching any results. Last year, the basic salary of teaching staff ranged from 2,400 zlotys (before tax for a teacher during apprenticeship) to 3,300 zlotys (before tax for a certified teacher) per month, i.e., it was significantly lower than the average salary in Poland (4,700 zlotys). This prompted ZNP and FZZ to put forward a demand of “1,000 zlotys for everyone”, but the government refused to implement it.

Other factors threaten the education sector in Poland. As a result of the abolition of junior high schools in 2017, 6,600 teachers (about 1%) lost their jobs, but the consequences of the changes in the Teacher’s Charter were much more severe : the liquidation of the housing benefit, which was paid to one third of the teachers in the country (186,000), and of other bonuses (the one-off payment of two months’ basic remuneration for teachers with two years’ experience after obtaining the rank of a contracted teacher), the extension of the career path from 10 to 15 years and the abolition of the right to housing for teachers from rural areas and towns up to 5,000 inhabitants and for teachers who retired, those with a disability pension or those receiving the so-called “teacher’s compensatory benefits”.

All this, combined with the chaos caused by the reform (overcrowded schools, inconvenient working hours and two-shift schools, etc.), has led to a confrontation between the government and the sectorial trade unions

Strike fund for teachers from small towns and villages

Inicjatywa Pracownicza (IP, Workers’ Initative Union) has started fundraising for the strike fund to support its members on strike who are teachers from smaller towns. We want to support the teachers, help them to keep fighting and honour their efforts by supporting them financially. Each trade union provides a strike fund only to its members. The fund coordinated by ZNP “Wspieram nauczycieli” (“I support teachers”) which has become very successful is intended only for non-unionized teachers.

The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles supports the teachers´ strike in Poland and calls to support IP´s initiative in relation to the strike fund.

Solidarity is our weapon !

For more information, please, write to Workers’ Initiative : international@ozzip.pl