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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



| Pakistan | National and International Solidarity Campaign for Pakistan International Airline (PIA) workers,

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We appeal national and international working class to support workers against PIA privatization. IMF pressurized Pak Government to privatize PIA for pending Installments of IMF loans.

15 days before Tokhir N. Mirzoev IMF resident representative for Pakistan ordered and nominated PIA to privatize and pay installment which has paid many times according to officials report every dollar takes 17 dollars it interest, this is more interest rates even as scheduled by IMF .every new born child becomes debtor 570 $, it is called jungle laws ,

The eminent bloodthirsty policies of imperialism show that ,this system is completely in worldwide crisis every where the tactics to overcome crisis by imposing taxes and privatize public sectors as capitalism does over world working class, in these policies they all are committed to depress workers, put cuts in social sectors Education, Health, infrastructure, transportation etc that is why fight is Class fight and class character is always remain internationally when opponent attacks internationally.we should organize in international campaign of struggle and solidarity against imperialist policies.

The Background of PIA Movement

Jan 25,2016 After announcement for privatization the PIA Joint Action Committee proclaimed countrywide protests and completely shutdown from feb 2,2016 ,where slogan were being chanted that down with MD PIA ,Down with Privatization Ministry/ commission .Down with capitalism. Down With IFM. Down with PIA Management. Increase wages of workers, down with capital and imperialist policies. Long live workers struggle. workers of the world Unite .Free education and Health for all.

PIA workers proved in argument and TV Talk shows that there is no deficit in PIA but workers are paid just 17% of total income of sectors including officers staff and government is taking 83% where X, present Chairmans and ministers are grabbing capital from PIA as Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, he was chairman of PIA in 1997-99, what he did ? He Founded and established his own air line name (Air Blue) where he served as its first CEO. This time Air Blue began a main competitor of PIA in its race for international contracts.
Workers explanation that non technical and non experiences heads have appointed by government ,is one main fall in sectors ,

The protests increased strength every day form January 25,2016- Feb 2,2016 when other sectors workers and youth came and joined PIA workers where (JAC) announced complete dismissal of flights and closing of all airports .

In afternoon government attacked on workers and killed 4 and many got injure and number of leaders arrested.

We appeal all workers and labours organizations nationally and internationally to support this working class movement if it defeats mean the movement of working class will be attacked in whole region because this statement is more reactionary state for workers and political activist.

Demands :

1.No to privatization ,all public sectors would be nationalize under control of workers committees.
2.Removal of privatization commission.
3.Arrest workers must be released.
4.Killing of workers must be stoped . I.G and D.G police and privatize minister must be dismissed and bring them under trails.
5.Withdrawal of presidential ordinance against privatization.
6.Withdrawal of essential services act.
7.Down with IMF policies.