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lundi, 23 mai 2022



| Palestine | Further information on Palestinian public school teachers’ strike & call for international solidarity

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The Palestinian public school teachers’ strike, which started 2 weeks ago with partial work stoppages followed by open strikes, continues as the Palestinian government has failed so far to fulfill the demands of the teachers.

The teachers’ demands consist mainly in the full implementation of the dispositions of an agreement signed on 5/09/2013 between the Palestinian Ministry of Education and the Palestinian Teachers’ Union, which the government failed to respect. The agreement stipulated that the Palestinian government would commit to achieving the following demands of the teachers :

- Granting an occupational allowance of 2.5%
- Granting a 5% increase of wages, which should be implemented retroactively from 1/1/2014 until 31/12/2015
- Enabling teachers to progress on the salary scale as is the case for other categories of governmental workers
- Paying a cost of living allowance for 2014 and 2015

In addition to their demands for improving their wages and benefits, the teachers’ protest movement is also asking for the organization of free and democratic elections in the Palestinian Teachers’ Union, so they can elect their representatives, noting that Palestinian Teachers’ Union is considered by the Palestinian Authority as an organization of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and its leadership is appointed by political factions.

We thank you for your solidarity messages with the teachers’ movement, which have contributed in the liberation of the teachers arrested for participating in the protests. As the strike continues, we call upon the international trade union movement to express further solidarity with the public school teachers’ protest, and urge the Palestinian government, represented by the Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, to accede to their demands.

Please send your solidarity messages to isam_dababseh2@hotmail.com, and a copy to extr@dwrc.org.

Message sent by Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine