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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



| Palestine | Immediate release of all Palestinian teachers arrested

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On strike for rights and against Palestinian Authority (PA), wich keep collaboration with Israeli security forces, 22 palestinian teachers had been arrested due their union activities, during a protest with over 25,000 teachers on February 17th, in Ramallah.

Collaborationist Mahmoud Abbas government declared the strike movement as ilegal. Teachers are demanding respect and implementation of agreements that had been signed with the Palestinian Teachers’ Union in 2013.

The Union failed in advocate and protect teachers rights and demands, losing legitimacy among the rank and file.

Detentions reveals real face of PA, that supress workers struggles and palestinian youth fight for rights and benefits equal to those granted to other categories of governmental employees.

Thi PA procedure had been intensified with current Intifada.

Teachers keep fighting, and against all arbitrary arrests there will be a general strike upcoming days.

In solidarity, we demand immediate release of all Palestinian teachers strikers arrested, their rights and the end of collaborationism between PA and Israel.