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jeudi, 11 août 2022



Paraguay - Solidarity with mobilisations against government and health crisis

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Protesters took to the streets of Asunción in Paraguay this week, outraged by the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. Workers and young people gathered in front of the Congress building to demand the resignation of President Mario Abdo Benítez.

Security forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas at hundreds of protesters who gathered around the Congress building in downtown Asunción on Friday night, as demonstrators tore down security barriers, burned roadblocks and hurled stones at police.

There was a disproportionate crackdown by police with smoke and gunfire, erupting amid growing outrage as coronavirus infections reached record levels and hospitals on the brink of collapse across the country.

Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni, who has been attacked by lawmakers, including some from the ruling party, and health workers’ unions, tendered his resignation, which he made public on Friday after a meeting with the president. The coronavirus epidemic is spreading in Paraguay and officials admit the threat is serious.

We support the mobilisation of the youth and workers, this is the moment to stand up to propose an emergency plan to confront the crisis in the interest of our class.