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samedi, 13 août 2022



Portugal : international solidarity against the threats of the extreme right

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The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle express their support for Danilo Moreira, one of the leaders of the Call Centre Workers’ Union (STCC) of Portugal. Like a dozen activists from associative, trade union and political organizations (Left Bloc, SOS Racism, Unitary Antifascist Front, Antifascist Platform of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Alternative Socialist Movement, Northern Civil Service Union, Antifascist Nucleus of Guimarães, Antifascist Nucleus of Porto), he has received death threats from the extreme right.

This is of course unacceptable. This is an attack against the anti-racist and antifascist movements, against the working class and its organisations.

We also call for a broad solidarity and mobilization of the organizations of the trade union and democratic movement to put an end to what is a threat to democratic freedoms in the country.