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mardi, 5 juillet 2022



Portugal : solidarity with the dockers of Lisbon !

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The dockers of the port of Lisbon have been on strike for 10 days. They demand the implementation of the agreements signed previously by the bosses, who are now questioning them. The employers’ association which manages the hiring has declared its insolvency : it is a manoeuvre to try to make the situation of workers in the sector more precarious.

The dockers in Lisbon, with their union, have fought many battles in the past. Once again, they are on strike. Their struggle is that of all workers in Portugal ; their struggle is that of all dock workers in the world !

The member organisations of the International Trade Union Network of solidarity and struggle support the strike of the dockers of Lisbon and demand that the companies present on the port negotiate on the basis of the demands of the workers in struggle.