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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Right to retirement and social protection for all !

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Popular mobilisations in various parts of the world (Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Bolivia, etc.), those of young people for the climate, put forward democratic and social requirements, which fully concern retirees. We also note that in several countries, specific movements of pensioners are developing. Everywhere, it is a question of opposing the destruction of public social protection systems, of claiming a universal and unique right to retirement and health for all.

On the whole planet, employers, governments and institutions in the service of capitalism use the same methods to attack our rights, to exploit us in retirement after exploiting us by work (or unemployment). Their "reforms" of pensions and social protection are not reforms but reactionary decisions, which we denounce and fight.

Never before has there been so much wealth produced in the world, so it is possible to set up and generalize public social protection systems (retirement, health, disability, etc.) guaranteeing these rights, while lowering the ages retirement and without making employees pay more and more. Universal systems that allow younger generations to know that they will also have these rights. It is a question of making the political choices going in this direction, instead of favoring the richest !