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lundi, 23 mai 2022



SENEGAL | Solidarity with the workers of Le Petit Train de la Banlieu

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Le Petit Train de la Banlieu is undergoing a deep crisis. Public authorities are to blame for this. This situation is putting the workers and their families in danger. In fact, their salaries have not been paid yet.

The workers, and the population more generally, should not have to endure the consequences that political decisions have imposed upon them. The works required to develop the regional express train, which began to operate at the beginning of the current year, are costly and have provoked a loss of income for the PTB due to the inconveniences they have caused to its users. But this does not justify overdue wages !

Since 9th September PTB’s workers, the victims of this robbery, are blocking the tracks. Railway traffic is stalled. The Senegalese government has turned a deaf ear. Just as we did some months ago during the long process that affected Mali’s railways for similar reasons (overdue wages), the organisations that are part of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles and the Railways Without Borders Network restate their solidarity with the workers in struggle, will make their fight known in their respective countries and will respond to the requirements made by the workers of the PTB Union (SYNATPTB).