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mercredi, 6 juillet 2022




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The national oil workers’ strike, which started on February 1st, grows and strengthens every day. It is a struggle for all of us workers. Halting oil production, workers are facing your main enemy : Bolsonaro’s sellout administration. Oil workers stands for a 100% State-owned Petrobras which belongs to the Brazilian people and is a symbol of national sovereignty !
The struggle is not new and the privatization policy is not new. We have a history of attacks by all the last presidents since the military dictatorship. In addition to fighting back layoffs and breach of contract, oil workers are on strike against the privatization of the company, as national government wants to give it away to banks, foreign capitals and imperialism whose aims are profits above the welfare of the population.
Along with privatisation it comes higher prices for cooking gas and fuels, less jobs and more casual work. We must act now to defend jobs, labor rights and 100% State-owned Petrobras.
Furthermore, workers’ control over production must be on the agenda ! Other necessary actions are joint campaign with other sections of the working class like the mail workers who call a national strike for March 3rd towards a GENERAL STRIKE to defeat the bosses and their Bolsonaro government.

We ask for international solidarity towards the oil workers’ national strike !
• For a 100% state-owned Petrobras !
• In defense of jobs and rights ; against layoffs and job insecurity !
• For the reduction of fuel and cooking gas prices !