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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



SPAIN | Solidarity against state repression !

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The Supreme Court’s verdict against 12 Catalan politicians regarding the events of 1st October 2017 has been made public. The people prosecuted, who have already spent more than one year and a half in prison, have been convicted of sedition and sentenced to 9 to 13 years in prison. With this, the Spanish state writes a new page on the history of its repressive and punitive rearmament, as the verdict opens the door to categorising as sedition those meetings and demonstrations that the State and the government finds inconvenient.

Several among the organisations belonging to the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles have struggled, and will continue to struggle, against the policies implemented over the years by the Catalan government, by some of the people convicted and the parties they represent. They have suffered repressive campaigns staged by them. These, however, is not what we want to discuss today. The verdict criminalises the right to protest and social and political organising. It is part of the repressive rearmament of the State. The criteria applied in this new political judgement is a precedent with which the State will strengthen its brutality in future processes, normalising the application of the heaviest possible repression to anyone who may oppose to the interests it represents.

This punitive drift, which has always been present, is deepening and consolidating. Its effects are felt everywhere : the young people from Altsasu, in the Basque Country, who have been sentenced to several years in prison as a result of farcical police charges, the hundreds of thousands in fines resulting from the application of the Gag law, police violence, the campaigns orchestrated against alternative, fighting and self-managing trade unions and social and political movements, the people leaving the country to avoid revenge or police set ups. Beyond State frontiers, capitalism harms workers : this is evident in the struggles led by the women working in the Spanish company Gil Gómez in Larache (Morocco).

The member organisations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles restate their support to the popular struggles currently developing in Spain. We should not forget that its political contours and its constitution are an inheritance of Francoism. The trade union movement can play a fundamental role, particularly organising strikes, demonstrations and leading other initiatives to defend the interests of the working class. And these are not those of the bourgeoisie, whatever their country !