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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



SPAIN | The dismissal of Carlos Naranjo at Ford-Valencia is Null !

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On June 27, Carlos Naranjo a FORD Worker in Valencia’s Factory suffered an unfair dismissal. Two weeks ago, he returned to work after a seven month medical leave, however the company gave him the redundancy’ note arguing "low work performance" which is completely false.

FORD made Carlos an indefinite work contract while he was at medical leave. So, why has he been dismissed ? Which is the truth for this aggression ? The answer is clear : unionist harassment. In Carlos’s teamwork there were a huge unfair and dangerous workload distribution. Our workmate called shop stewards from STM to report these facts, at the same time he encouraged (to) his team workmates to report the same this too, by the way the boss’s reaction arrived instantly.

This unfair dismissal is intended to intimidate everyone. In fact, it isn’t just a harassment to conscious workers, this is a warning to not to get organised, protest or fight to get better working conditions.

Carlos is a well-known fighter, as a leader of students’ union called Sindicat d’Estudiants del País Valencià to demand public education, also supporting many social movements. The signers claim to an instant reinstatement of Carlos Naranjo in his job, and we commit ourselves to disseminate this outrage in our social links.