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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



Simultaneous strikes by Amazon workers for Prime Day

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In Minnesota, warehouse workers, most of whom belong to the Somali community, are demanding social justice and dignity. They have also received the support of the employees of the Amazon group, who are part of the "Amazon Employees for Climate" collective.

In Poland, a referendum is held as a precondition for the strike. Amazon, which now employs 14,000 workers, has brutally ended negotiations on the harsh working conditions and the use of temporary workers. The OZZ-IP and Solidarity unions have therefore called for a strike. OZZ-IP also issued a statement of support for this new transnational strike.

In Germany, Amazon’s management still refuses to apply the collective agreement for retail and mail order sales, while in France management wants to impose the collective agreement for logistics professions. A call for a strike was issued to employees of the warehouses in Bad Hersfeld, Werne, Leipzig, Graben and Coblen, while in France an interunion call from the CGT, FO and SUD unions was issued on the Lauwin Planque warehouse, the employees also claim a specific Prime Day bonus.

Amazon is once again facing a transnational strike movement, workers from Poland and Germany had already coordinated in the past, with their colleagues from the Madrid warehouse last year, this time the movement also includes employees from the USA, the member organisations of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggle give Amazon workers their full support for this new mobilization.