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mardi, 26 octobre 2021



Support for strikers in France

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France : new unitary appeal to the general strike

The railway workers, the RATP agents, as well as the staff of the Paris Opera and all those who have been on strike since December 5, are more than ever determined and decide each day, the renewal of the strike.

[…] CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Unef and UNL call to build the conditions for a major inter-professional strike, starting on 9 January, with demonstrations throughout the territory.
They call for a debate to be held on Monday in all companies, departments and places of study by organising general meetings for employees, students and high school students. s, the conditions for the success of 9 January and its aftermath the following day

Since 5th December, an indefinite strike in different professional sectors is taking place in France, and demonstrations are being held throughout the country. The people reject the government and the employer’s counter-reform, aimed at destroying the current pension system in order to establish a points system. The objective of the government and the employers is to cut pensions and raise the retirement age.

The strike began on 5th December and has extended to numerous professional sectors : education, territorial collectives, industry, the health system, urban transport, oil refineries, and so on. It is particularly strong in the railway system (SNCF) throughout France, as well as in urban transports in the Paris region (RATP). Strikers’ general assemblies in these companies have recurrently voted for the extension of the indefinite strike since its beginning on 5th December.

On 5th and 17th December there were massive demonstrations called jointly by different unions throughout the country. Others have been organised locally since then, thus showing the local roots of the movement. It is an opportunity to unite workers of the public and the private sectors, retired and unemployed people and students. In many places the strikers have also established ties with the yellow vest movement.

The interunion movement at a national level (CGT/FO/FSU/Solidaires) has renewed its call to “maintain and reinforce the strike wherever the workers so decide, in order to sustain and reinforce the power relation. There will be no truce until the withdrawal of the reform is announced. We call for strikes and demonstrations everywhere possible”. In the companies and locally the movement has been supported by other unions (UNSA, CGC, CNT-SO, CNT…).

The member organisations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles reaffirm their support to the strikes and demonstrations in France. We have organised rallies before the French embassies and consulates and we are communicating information about this movement in our countries in order to counter the propaganda of capitalist mass media. Information meetings are also being held, and economic support for the workers is being organised.