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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Solidarity against the fire-attack to the CUB headquarters in Monza

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The CSP-Conlutas 4° Congress sends solidarity to the Italian comrades of the CUB
Union (Rank and File Unitary Federation), who suffered a fire caused by an
“unknown subject” in the night of Friday 4 to Saturday 5, burning down the
headquarters of the Union in the city on Monza, near Milan.

This is a serious attack, with a clear mob-like style of intimidation, against
independent and coherent actions in defense of workers’ rights carried out by
the CUB historically in the territory of Monza, in different segments, many of
which organize immigrant workers.

Yesterday’s attack is not the first one targeting the Monza CUB. In January, the
car of Laura, CUB delegate, was burnt down outside her workplace. She is a
worker from the food company Rovagnati, where she led several strikes against
the layoff of fifteen workers.

All of this is part of a general plan to criminalize the struggles of the working
class against governments and bosses ; a plan that lasted decades and of which all
governments are responsible, right or left-wing. A plan which found in the last
extreme right-wing governments its maximum expression, with the Salvini Laws,
reintroducing fascist regulations on the detention of workers in struggle.

We support the strong reaction of workers, who massively defended their union
this morning. We also support the General Strike on October 25, called by the
CUB together with other unions to demand essential social and democratic
rights, cut by the liberal policies of the last forty years, with the complicity of
bosses’ unions – including their right of dissidence and strike.

The 4° National CSP-Conlutas Congress’ delegates send solidarity to all CUB
comrades in Italy, and we insist that no repressive action will make the
international workers’ struggle retreat !