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jeudi, 11 août 2022



Solidarity and support for the Santiago de Chili metro in its fight against unemployment and public service

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From the International Coordination of Metros Unions, we stand in solidarity with the Federation of Metro Unions of our sister country of Chile, in its just struggle against the dismissal of nearly 1,200 sub-contract workers in the different areas of the operation. These workers were already precarious before the pandemic, and their salaries were already low.

In addition to the health alarm that is being experienced, the increase in subcontracting and outsourcing of work is also leading to disaster, being another of the great pandemics that the working class is experiencing and in this case the service provided by Metro to users is worsening even more.

In the Santiago Metro, seven out of every ten workers are subcontracted, thus being the weakest part, with lower wages and fewer rights in the Metro. These massive layoffs, taking advantage of the pandemic, occur within a context of flexibility and adjustment caused by the automation processes that Metro de Santiago de Chile faces, which seeks to maintain production with brutal cost savings.

We will not allow such outrages. The struggle is the only way and we have to go through it together and united. The defence of jobs is the responsibility of all of us, no worker is a stranger to this struggle. There are no first and second class workers ; equal work means equal pay.

From the International Coordination of Metro Unions we are attentive to what is happening in the Santiago Metro in case our intervention is necessary from our different countries.

They are not alone. Together we are strong.

Metro Santiago