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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Solidarity with the 100-day strike for rights at Rich’s Corporation, USA

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The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles expresses all support for the workers, most of whom are immigrants, of Jon Donaire (Rich’s Corporation), in Santa Fe Springs, California, United States.

This strike, which began on November 3rd, 2021, is mainly made up of immigrant Latina women who have been working at this company for an average of 19 years.

Jon Donaire produces ice cream cakes and despite being unionized since it began operations about 19 years ago, workers have lost their rights over the years, and have been increasingly exploited.

To exemplify the situation, a few years ago they were producing about 8 cakes per minute, now they produce 15 units.

Social security benefits have been affected, just as wages have been kept at the same level, even with the prices of basic products constantly increasing, especially as a consequence of the pandemic.

Women still report mistreatment, intimidation, prejudiced attitudes and sexual harassment.

There are more than 100 days of strike with 24/7 picketing and constant presence of fighters at the company gates to pressure the company to negotiate.

The company refused to engage in dialogue or make a good offer.

The workers were at first very fearful, as the local representatives at the factory had been removed from their positions and the category was on strike without any concrete support from the union. After changes, the national union leadership intervened and got support from many national and international union representatives along with activists and thus gained support from the community and other independent groups.

The awareness of the workers has increased and even after more than 100 days of strike they feel strengthened by the solidarity around the mobilization and the fact that they see themselves resisting strongly against the onslaughts of their bosses.

International support is needed
Rich’s workers form a category with cultural and language differences and in comparison with other strikes that receive much more support, one notes some degree of discrimination against these comrades in struggle and class.

Videos and photos of solidarity with the strike have been shared from the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil.

We join this wave of support for the workers who are demanding higher wages, better medical and pension coverage and, above all, respect.