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mardi, 18 janvier 2022



Solidarity with the car workers in the United States

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The Nissan assembly line workers in Canton, Mississipi, continue to struggle for the right to have the UAW (United Auto Workers) union in their company.
They have been fighting for a long time for their right to improved workplace safet, for better wages, and for the hiring of temporary workers. They also claim the right to join a union.
But the management uses every possible means to prevent UAW to gain access to Nissan compagnies throughout the USA. The plants had been deliberately built in the south of the USA where the workers have not a strong union history.
That did not stop the 70 protesters in Coleman Park in Nashville last week, just opposite the Action Nissan dealer on Thompson Lane, and those 15 miles futhur up in front of the North American company’s headquarters in Franklin. They were holding up signs saying « Workers’ rights are civil rights », and others saying « Hey Nissan, stop threatening the Mississipi workers » Cars driving past the protest would honk in support.
Protest marches are being organized in the whole area in solidarity with the workers of the Canton plant where about 80 % of the workers are afro-american. Actions of support and solidarity have been organised in France during the meeting of the central committee of the trade mark.
As in Turkey, in Morocco and in many more countries, the mltinational Renault/Nissan quells the workers’ rights and bring in record high profits.
Only struggles and solidarity will put a stop to the Renault/ Nissan company policy.