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mardi, 18 janvier 2022



Solidarity with the exemplary struggle of SINTRAMETRO in Medelin (Colombia)

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he International Coordination of Metro Trade Unions unanimously support the struggle that the SINTRAMETRO comrades have been waging since its creation and which intensified during the Covid pandemic19 .

It is worth recalling the trade union closure of the TRICENTENARIO station on 18 July due to the lack of protective measures on the part of the metro management and the authorities after several Covid19 positive

Let us also recall the tenacious and continuous struggle against outsourcing that the workers of the Metro de Medellín have been waging for more than 20 years, for example, against subcontracting for the running of the Metro, which leads to the loss of stability, wages, rights... "Outsourcing, outsourcing... they privatise", a slogan of SINTRAMETRO which states that these neoliberal measures affect the workers and also the users of the Metro, providing a public service of lower quality.

The Metro de Medellín has more than 50 private companies that do the work that should be done by Metro staff (Fundación Universidad de Antioquia, Fundación Pascual Bravo, E-Global, Recuperar...). In the midst of the pandemic, the administration of the Metro de Medellín made changes in contractors and left hundreds of workers without the minimum subsistence level.
The precarious nature of employment has left thousands of victims starving to death.

The struggle of workers is not unconnected with social development and in Colombia we must condemn the assassinations of social leaders, the multiple assassinations, ... with government and state structures involved in murders that go unpunished. We may one day have a vaccine against Covid19 but will the same thing happen with the assassinations of social leaders ?

Handwashing" is an essential measure against the coronavirus, but it is also what the leaders of Metro and members of the national government are doing, even boasting about the murders as "normal", when there are already 33 documented massacres and in each of them the killers are still "unknown". The state and the government are responsible for this impunity.

The International Coordination of Metro Trade Unions condemns the negligence in the fight against the Covid pandemic19 for which the Medellin Metro Department is responsible, neo-liberal measures such as sub-contracting which opens the way to the privatisation of this public and essential service. We condemn the murders of social leaders and the massacres that are carried out with impunity, terrorising the population. We encourage the comrades of SINTRAMETRO to continue the struggle and defence of the working class, labour rights, social rights and life. You have our full recognition and international support.

Together we are strong
Long live the struggle of the working class !

Metro Madelin