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vendredi, 27 mai 2022



Solidarity with the pilots from Aerolineas Argentinas & Austral !

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On last weekend, pilots from Aerolineas Argentinas and from Austral, from the
APLA and UALA unions respectively, called for a 48-h strike, before the
company’s Board wage proposal that does not even reach the 55% increase to
equal the inflation.

We consider unacceptable the statements of the Transportation Minister in
Argentina, Malvido, who considers that the “brutal” attack of the pilots will cause
the “death” of Aerolineas Argentinas.

We support the Argentine pilots’ struggle, resisting the Company attacks. They
just demand wage icrease according to inflation, and resist the government
statements, treating them as privileged - even confronting the opposition
“councils” which “invite” them to give up and cancel the strike.

The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles (ILNSS) supports
all workers’ struggles independent from governments and regimes, demanding
better labor conditions and wages.

Long live struggles’ unity !
Long live international solidarity !