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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Solidarity with the women of Afghanistan, with the Afghan people

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The member organizations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle reaffirm their support for the people of Afghanistan and in particular for the women of this country. The situation is dramatic : food, health, education, the most basic rights are not assured for a large part of the population. This is the observation after a few months of the return of the Taliban to power ; it is also the result of years under American occupation.

We salute the work done by our comrades in Rawa, whose information we relay through the website of our International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle and via the member organizations in our respective countries. To make known the situation of the Afghan people, Afghan women and the action of movements like Rawa is part of our international trade union solidarity.

Twenty years ago, in December 2001, the Revolutionary Association of Afghan Women (Rawa, which has existed since 1977) rejoiced at the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, while denouncing the Northern Alliance of Commander Massoud at the service of American forces. Rawa denounced their involvement in mass rapes and ridiculed their claim to defend democracy and women’s rights in a new government imposed by the occupying forces. She reminded them that "the end of the humiliating requirement to wear the burqa is not enough to prove a real change of mentality regarding women’s rights and freedoms. In March 2002, Rawa predicted the failure of a war that would only be military, the corruption of the government in place, and called on the Afghan people to rise up against all fundamentalists.

We humbly join the commemoration of the 35th martyrdom of Meena, founder of Rawa, who was murdered in 1985 by the Afghan intelligence services. The struggle for life and freedom of Afghan women today continues this fight.

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