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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Stop repression against unions’ solidarity with Black Lives Matter in USA ! Drop all charges and reinstate Erek Slater, Chicago bus driver of the CTA !

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The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles urge the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the Chicago City Administration to drop all charges and reinstate bus driver and unionist Erek Slater.

On May 31, 2020 Erek Slater addressed his co-workers to share the official public statement of the ATU regarding the right to refuse to drive police. This ATU statement was released in the context of the mass protests againt racism and over the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.

Erek Slater, in his capacity as a union representative, raised questions about CTA bus drivers being instrumental in the arrest of Chicago citizens who were demonstrating in the streets demanding Justice for George Floyd and other victims of police violence. The CTA has retaliated against Erek by taking him out of service and accusing him of illegally advocating for a wildcat strike, a charge which is false and could lead to him being fired.

We demand that the CTA and the Chicago City Administration drop all charges against Erek slater and reinstate him. In addition, we demand that the city of Chicago ensure the protection of workers’ rights to organize and speak out against injustice ! This is an historical moment when people in the USA and around the world are demonstrating in the streets to bring about justice, equality, againt police violences and systemic racism in our societies.

• Drop all charges and reinstate Erek Slater !
• Ensure workers rights to organize and of freedom of speech !
• Justice for George Floyd and all victims of police violence !
• Black Lives Matter ! Everywhere in the world, in France, in USA...
• To strike one of us is to strike all of us. International solidarity !