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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Subway workers of Sao Paulo are on strike and injuction against auction may cancel privatization of the sector

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Subway workers of São Paulo are on strike against the privatization. More than 90% workers joined in a strong action against the attacks of public transportation in São Paulo, carried out by Alckmin government.

The Subway Workers Union denounces the losses to the people with privatization and serious irregularities in the whole process, directed to benefit a operating company that has been specialized in recent years to privatize the transportation sector.

In a joint action between workers on the subway strike, Fenametro (National Federation of subway and railway workers) and the PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party) rank in the City Hall, an injunction was upheld by the courts and the privatization auction, which would happen tomorrow (19), was overturned.

"The Subway workers resists against privatization and denounces the corruption of PSDB [Party of Brazilian Social Democracy] and Alckmin government in the state. CSP-Conlutas militants fulfilled their role in this fight that guaranteed the withdrawal of the auction that was scheduled for the day 19/01. This proves that the struggle of the workers is decisive for the victory of the class", says Alex Fernandes, general coordinator of the São Paulo Metro Workers’ Union.

International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles expresses solidarity with the strike and sends a motion of support to the comrades mobilized against the privatization and precarious transport.