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dimanche, 7 août 2022



Support to the two Moroccan journalists, Omar Radi and Soulaiman Raïssouni

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We, from the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles (ILNSS), want to express our support to the two Moroccan journalists, Omar Radi and Soulaiman Raïssouni, right now in pre-trial detention. They are in jail since several months, isolated and deprived of human contacts. Further more, the prisoners are physically weakened, due to the hunger strike they had started on the beginning of April. We also regret that both guys don’t receive adequate cares. The ILNSS claims their immediate release.

Moreover, we denounce the conditions of detention, the relentless repression suffered by the journalists in Morocco : We talk about daily monitoring, intimidation, physical threats, defamations we could see on TV channels to the balance of power. We criticize also political trials and the instrumentation of the topic of moral affairs for political purposes. Journalists are often liable to be prosecuted, condemned or exiled because of theirs works.

It is what Radi and Raïssouni are facing. They were working on delicate issues, very touchy in Morocco, the corruption of the regime, and the dispossession of collective lands. Real reasons of their detention. The ILNSS is in solidarity with the struggles of independent journalists so that they can feel free to express themselves publicly in Morocco : they are prosecuted, condemned, locked up, even exiled because of their work. We are particularly concerned by the chief editor of the journal Al-Khabar Elyoum, Soulaiman Raïssouni who has started his hunger strike on the 8th of April. He is currently in isolation since nearly one year and still claims his parole pending trial. After more than 30 days, his health condition is critical. He has lost more than 25 kilograms.

Omar Radi begun his hunger strike the day after Raïssouni, (April, 9th) but he has suspended his movement after 22 days, due to serious health problems. Isolated since 9 months, he also claims his parole.
The two journalists should hold their hearings on May 18th.

The arrests now in Morocco also concern people who simply dare to publish their opinion on the situation in Morocco on social networks, like the youtuber Chafik Omerani, arrested in February 2021, and released on May 6 after a long hunger strike (near 90 days) which left him in critical condition. The ILNSS wants to support people who try to express their opinions on social networks about political, economic or social issues in Morocco.

To conclude, We, unions of the ILNSS, denounce also the repression, on the rise over the past decade, a repression aimed at any protest or social struggles in Morocco.
We are still demanding the releases of hundreds of political prisoners.
We call for unite and join the supporting actions. Freedom for all political prisoners in Morocco !
#Free Koulchi.