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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Textile : Corona and workplace struggle

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Since 2002, the ExChains network has brought together employees from countries on various continents to organize mutual support throughout the global textile, clothing and retail supply chain. At these meetings we get to know each other’s working conditions, our problems, our struggles for unionization and our demands. This is how we build concrete solidarity relations .

Our comrades from TIE-Germany are at the origin of this network.

The current political, social and economic crisis affects our network, too, be it in Spain, Germany, South Africa, Mozambique, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil oder Bangladesh. Together, we have started to collect the immediate consequences for workers, at workplaces, companies and along supply chains. We want to inform but also to contribute to build a collective understanding of the crisis. Meeting, seeing each other, building a collective effort is more difficult today but at the same time needed to build a response to the current situation.

To contribute, we have published several newsletter about the developments at our workplaces. This is a collection of these newsletters for sharing and discussion. In the coming volumes we want to focus on the broader changes happening at workplaces, in companies and along supply chains.