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samedi, 13 août 2022



Iran : Teachers call for nationwide strikes and rallies

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The Coordinating Council of Cultural Trade Unions has issued a statement calling on teachers to go on a nationwide strike in pursuit of full job rankings for employed teachers and to pursue other demands. The call for strikes and sit-ins is for the 12th and 13th December, and the statement reads : “The Colleagues who teach in person in schools are demanded to not to teach while they are present in the schools. The colleagues who teach online, while inform the children, should stop their lessons in these two days”. According to the news, the teachers ranking plan will be discussed by the Islamic parliament on December 12th.

The Coordinating Council of Trade Unions has also called for a nationwide rally at 10:00 AM on December 13th, and these rallies will be held in front of the Islamic parliament in Tehran, and in the provinces in front of the head offices of cultural minister. “If this negligence continues, we will continue the protests on a wider and longer basis in the coming weeks,” the Coordinating Council said in a statement, emphasizing the unity and solidarity of teachers across the country.

In response to the call of the Coordination Council, teachers from different provinces have announced their support and readiness to participate in the sit-in and rally. According to teachers, the government and parliament have allocated a limited budget to implement the ranking scheme, and teachers are protesting.

In addition to the demand for ranking plan, other demands announced by teachers in their rallies and protests are including : free education for all children and its immediate implementation in these days of Covid19 disease allocating free internet and smartphones to all school children and teachers, as well as quality education for school children, and an end to discrimination in education, free health services and the right to housing for teachers, closing security files for union activists and immediate and unconditional release of imprisoned teachers, specially Esmail Abdi, former Secretary General of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (ITTA. Teachers are also demanding the salary increase to over 12 million tomans (ca $500) a month.

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