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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



The Giant Corporation Driscoll’s and the U.S. authorities collaborate to prevent Mexican workers from speaking in the United States

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Call the United States Department of the United States and the United States Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, to allow the daily labor leaders to attend the binational conference at Carson California !

Pressured by the Multinational Driscoll’s, the United States government denied the right to organized daily labourers to enter the United States in order to prevent them from attending the binational conference on nafta and labour rights, which will be held on 1 And December 2, 2017.

The leaders of the alliance of organizations, and the newly formed National Independent Democratic Union of agricultural labourers (Sindja) in San Quentin, Baja California, who were denied the visa that would allow them to attend the conference, had letters of invitation by Part of the university department that sponsors the conference and by many other trade unions and the work councils of the central AFL-CIO, which are co-sponsoring the event. The names of the three leaders are : Fidel Sánchez Gabriel, octavio ángel lópez and Juan Hernández.

Driscoll’s-which has his base in California - has been facing the international boycott of his products, because he refuses to sign a collective bargaining agreement with the sindja, which is overwhelmingly supported by the 80,000 Day laborers from San Quentin Valley.

And the workers along with their families - of whom a high percentage are indigenous people expelled from their lands in Oaxaca, due to the destruction of the agricultural sector in Mexico by nafta - work hard under conditions that resemble slavery, with Salaries of $ 7 a day, no medical insurance and unsanitary conditions for them and their families.

The Binational Conference, which was invited by San Quentin as key presenters, was sponsored by the CFA (California Faculty Association), which is part of the California State University, located on Dominguez Hill. In turn the conference is sponsored by the following organizations : Mexican Brotherhood the original ; Sacramento work council for Latin American Advancement (Lclaa, AFL-CIO) ; California State Lclaa ; Farm Work Organizing Committee (Floc, AFL-CIO) ; Sacramento Work Council (AFL-CIO) ; San Francisco Work Council (AFL-CIO) ; Mexican Federation of electricians (EMS) ; real front of work (fat) ; National Union of telephone operators of the Mexican Republic ; Mexican Promoter Committee of the binational conference (Headquarters Gutierrez, Chiapas) ; Department of modern languages, CSU, Dominguez hills ; local uaw 551 ; work fightback network ; opt tijuana ; the organizer, worker action solidarity network, among others.

We make a strong invitation to the organizations and trade unions to join this call for the us consulate in Tijuana to provide the visa to these workers immediately, and so that they can go to the conference. There will be press conferences in Mexico and the United States, to demand their right to expose their situation directly to United States workers, as well as to activists.

Please call the United States Consulate General in Tijuana at 011 521 664 977 2000 Extension 5, to record your protest and demand.

Make the voice of st. Quentin’s day and day laborers heard ; the us government must aprobarles the visas now !

Thank you very much for your support.

The Organizational Committee of the binational conference
Carson, California.