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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



The Turkish state wants to silence the voice of Kurdish women

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In the early hours of Wednesday 16 March, in Diyarbakir, in the heart of the Kurdish regions of Turkey, the Turkish police came to arrest 24 women, activists of various structures of the Kurdish civil society : political party (HDP), help centre for women victims of violence (ROSA centre), various trade unions (SES, Egitim Sen, Tümbel Sen, TBS), Kurdish women’s movement (TJA). Already, on 8 March, the police had tried to ban the rally on the pretext that the women refused to submit to three successive body searches to gain access to the venue. This time, it is directing the repression exclusively at those who dare to raise their voices, reproaching them in particular for their participation in the 25 November demonstration against violence against women - which had otherwise taken place without incident.

The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle reaffirm their support for all women affected by the repression of the patriarchal and authoritarian Turkish Erdogan regime. Their voices will not be silenced ! We stand by our unionized comrades in times of need.