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lundi, 23 mai 2022



The heart burns : Weekend will be of demonstrations in defense of the Amazon

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The Amazon burns, our hearts burn. The Bolsonaro government (PSL) ignores it.

Faced with neglect, in a movement started by Twitter, social network users are planning protests this weekend for the defense of the Amazon. The acts will take place in several capitals of the country. Movements and entities are joining the initiative.

Brazil is facing the biggest wave of fire in the last six years, according to data from Inpe (National Institute for Space Research). There are 67,000 burn points recorded until this week. The fire advances and destroys kilometers of forests, woods and cerrados. The Amazon is the most affected region, with 51.9% of outbreaks. The cerrado concentrates 30.7% this year.

It is not dry. It is human action !

This period of the year, marked by drier weather, is considered conducive to the occurrence of burns, according to experts. But it is agreed that in the vast majority of cases fires are the result of human action. And notably, under the Bolsonaro government we are seeing record growth.

Ipam Science Director Ane Alencar said that the increase in burning can only be explained by the increase in deforestation, as there was no extreme weather event to justify this situation. “This year we do not have an extreme drought, as it was 2015 and 2016. In 2017 and 2018 we had a sufficient rainy season. In 2019, we have no drought-affecting weather events, like El Niño, or they are not happening [strongly]. There is no way the climate can explain this increase [of burns], ”he said.

According to Inpe data, there was an 88% increase in deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in June compared to the same month last year.

The forest produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen. So the concern with the Amazon isn’t just ours. Movements, entities promote actions in defense of the Amazon and at this moment join the World Strike for Climate next September 27. A strike in defense of the environment.

It is convened in 125 countries by thousands of organizations, international networks, local collectives and citizen groups outraged by global warming, the devastation of nature on the planet in the service of capitalism.

This year’s preparation coincides with the tragic moment in which we are living from the devastation of our natural wealth, bidiversity and Brazilian forests. Brazil must play an important role when we have the Amazon and other regions devastated by agribusiness, mining, illegal logging and ruralists.

Let us make demonstrations in defense of the Amazon a step in preparation for the world strike. Acts will also be held in the coming days in defense of the Amazon. It has already become a world fight.