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jeudi, 11 août 2022



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The member organizations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles support the celebration of the World Kobanê Day on November 1st, 2020 and the call for actions between November 1st and November 8th against fascism and the genocide of the Kurdish Free People.

For more than 8 years, the Rojava Social Revolution has shown us that direct democracy, self-management, the liberation of women and respect and care for the environment are possible and that they contribute to build a more just and free society.

Neither the fascist and sexist forces of the Islamic State nor the Turkish State will be able to undermine the worthy resistance of the Kurdish People. That was demonstrated 6 years ago, when the Kurdish People and their militias, the Forces for the Protection of Women and Peoples, the YPJ and the YPG, liberated Kobanê from the ISIS occupation, with the support of the international solidarity raised by Kobanê.

In 2020 the attacks on democratic Confederalism and the Confederation of North and East Syria continue with the complicity of the States of the European Union, Russia and the United States. Violent paramilitary groups financed by the Erdogan government continue to harass, rape and murder civilians in Afrin, Gire Spi and Sere Kaniye. That is why this week mobilizations have been called around the world to support what we know as the Rojava Social Revolution, that is, the Confederation of North and East Syria.

For international solidarity, rise up 4 Rojava !
For the strengthening of the environmentalist and feminist struggle !
Enough of the occupation and genocide of the Free Kurdish People !