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samedi, 13 août 2022



Turkey | International Labour letter in solidarity. We are and will be against any coup

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The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Strugles condemns the coup and Erdogan government, that determined state of emergency in the country, and sent motion in solidarity to the Turkish Trade Union Confederation DISK.

Read it bellow :

The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle is and will be against any coup as we defend the right of people to be free and participants in building their lives and their governments.

We do not accept any imposition of tyranny by armed forces or by a supposed "democracy" based on an election in which the people were allowed to vote and that gradually were left with no ability to speak out and / or interact.

In Turkey, under the pretext of defending democracy, the government declared a state of emergency that will suppress all dissent and eliminate any existing law that the government consider negative.

Therefore we condemn both the coup d’état that took place against Erdogan administration and its authoritarian drive. It is unacceptable to use the excuse of the coup to carry out another coup against labor and the people through the state of emergency to remove their rights.

We support in Turkey those who want to be participants in the construction of a secular and democratic society to develop freedom, equality and autonomy of people against oppression.

Image : Tumay Berkin/Reuters